Anton Lesscher has been appointed as corrugated market director at Apex International to complete the company’s sales management team.

Mr Lesscher made his first steps into the corrugating industry in 1991, when he was appointed as process trainer at one of the leading machine manufacturers in the industry. For the next nine years he was involved in the start-up of more than 100 corrugators worldwide. Troubleshooting on running corrugators was part of the job as well as support in demonstrating corrugators. Mr Lesscher created a training program based on the three critical disciplines of the corrugate printing, being process, electrical and mechanical and the training included staff of existing, new and operational corrugators.

Over the past weeks Mr Lesscher has spent his time in the production facility in Hapert, NetherLand, watching the motivation, knowledge and craftsmanship of the staff. He said, ‘The challenge is: next level! In my opinion Apex is ready for a next step. I want to restore the relationship with the corrugated industry and bring Apex further as an unparalleled partner for products, concepts and service levels that benefit the corrugated industry.’