Kinetic Label services have installed a Martin Automatic MBS unwind/butt splicer, along with an ABG turret rewinder, to help process 320,000 feet of substrate per day.

With a roll change every 15,000 feet, he estimates it saves around 2.5 hours per shift.  Running the numbers, managing partner Steve Hangartner said, ‘We’re looking at saving around $57,000 a year with the Martin and have reduced waste levels from between 3% and 4%, to less than 1%. The machine makes its own case financially and has a very short payback period.’

With his production department working a 20-hour day, managing partner Greg Bishop knew he needed to increase efficiency, and from previous experience turned to Martin Automatic for assistance. ‘I’d had 18 years of good experience with Martin technology in my past and to my mind there was never a question of looking elsewhere,’ he explained. ‘Strong, uncomplicated and reliable – just what you need from a machine that works hard for a living in a competitive commercial environment. It has performed flawlessly, but of greater importance to me are the people who stand behind the product from the order through to the installation, and beyond.’