Flint Group Narrow Web has expanded its portfolio with custom designed metallic silver ink and metallic pastes, which have been tested and proven to have low migration properties.

The company’s new UV Flexo Silver is its first generation low migration single-component metallic UV flexo ink.

Migration measurements show that ink migration levels below 10 ppb may be achieved when correctly applied on suitable packaging structures. This was verified based on the standard migration test method using the food simulants 95% ethanol as set out in EC Commission Directive 97/48.

This silver ink shows very good metallic performance, cure speed, and adhesion to a wide range of both paper and synthetic substrates. It is fully compliant with the Swiss Ordinance  and the Nestlé Guidance Note on Packaging Inks.

The company is also offering three metallic pastes suitable for use in low migration ink systems, Rich Gold, Pale Gold, and Silver. These are metallic pastes suitable for narrow web low migration applications and are for use as two component ink systems.

The company has designed a two component concept, which allows printers to purchase the necessary components and mix gold and silver shades locally, in both the Lithocure ANCORA (UV offset) and the Flexocure ANCORA (UV flexo) systems. These components have been designed to meet today’s market requirements and have proven to pass the most stringent migration tests applied by the industry.