All internal and external parties involved in a Permapack project now work with one and the same file.

For Swiss packaging manufacturer, Permapack AG, the implementation of WebCenter and the Automation Engine from Esko is an important step towards complete process reliability and automation of processes in its packaging production.

Installed in May 2016, the modular Automation Engine workflow server and the online approval and communications tool WebCenter now process each new project that enters the company’s plant. Automation Engine is a modular workflow server that automates all projects and processes in prepress. WebCenter is a web-based platform for packaging management that ensures secure online collaboration and allows users to check, comment on and approve documents.

‘We were looking for a solution to cope with the rapid growth in the number of smaller, shorter run jobs being produced with the digital printing technologies we invested in last year,’ said Markus Wirth, managing director for flexible packaging at Permapack. ‘As we had been using ArtPro, Nexus and a CDI Spark 4835 platesetter with inline UV for some time, augmenting our infrastructure with a solution from Esko was virtually automatic.’

Under the new system, all internal and external parties involved in a project – customer, advertising agency, sales, work preparation, prepress and production – are working with one and the same file. Via the Viewer, all involved parties have the opportunity to quickly and easily compare versions.

‘Process reliability in comparison to manual production is disproportionately higher with Automation Engine and WebCenter,’ said Mr Wirth. ‘We estimate that our packaging production can now be processed at least 25% faster’.

‘Permapack can now manage and more profitably produce the 20% rise in short run production jobs that has been generated from digital printing,’ confirmed Armand Gougay, vice president, Europe and the Middle East, Esko.