Cosmo’s coated films help to extend the shelf life of the contents, as well as helping with pack structure rationalisation


Delhi-based Cosmo Films has expanded its range of solvent-free coated films to include transparent and metalised varieties for a wide range of FMCG packaging applications. 

The company’s metalised barrier films include: High Moisture Barrier Films, High Speed Barrier Films with High Hot Tack, High Seal Strength Barrier Films and Ultra High Barrier Films.

Cosmo’s range of transparent barrier films comprises: Aroma Barrier Films, Aroma & Oxygen Barrier Films and Ultra High Barrier.

‘We are excited by these new additions to our barrier films range, especially the BOPP replacement to the aluminium foil,’ said Mr. S Satish, global head – sales and marketing. ‘We are now confident of meeting most shelf life requirements of the food packaging industry with our extensive range of barrier films. All our barrier films also have good printability and hence can be used for monolayer applications also.’