Tresu has launched the FlexiPrint Reservoir SAVEink chambered doctor blade, a light, fast-change inking system for narrow-web UV and water-based flexo applications that can be used without a pump.

Chambers are air-tight and prevent leakage, using the company’s patented seals, and can be installed or removed safely in five seconds without the risk of spilling ink. To introduce the unit to its mounting, the operator locks it to the anilox roller, and rotates it from a six-o’clock to a nine-o’clock position. Removal reverses the process.

Doctor blades are in a pre-set position, and there is no need for further adjustment. This position ensures optimal anilox contact with minimal wear. An automatic indicator shows when blade replacement is needed, so time is not wasted on unnecessary checks.

The chamber can hold 250ml – 2000ml of ink making it ideal for application of normal and spot colours, as well as high ink transfer printing. Ink may be added manually without stopping the press, giving the system flexibility for long and short run production.

Henrik Kristensen, vice president, Tresu Ancillary, commented, ‘With shorter runs and faster turnarounds, label converters are under increased competitive pressure to eliminate waste. Tresu’s single-component SAVEink system makes an attractive option for an efficient label printing workflow, with its fast setup times, minimal maintenance requirements and capability for consistent quality at high speed. With a short return on investment, the benefits of our chamber doctor blades are a viable and value-adding alternative to investing in a new press.’