Twen Machinery has announced its new strategic partnership with All Printing Resources Inc.

All Printing Resources is a flexo printing provider in the USA which focuses on offering products from respected industry leaders who prove to reduce both cost and time to their clients.

David Nieman, CEO of APR, said, ‘Although laser anilox roll cleaning has now been available for a few years, the industry has still been looking for a truly safe and effective solution. After doing extensive due diligence on the Twen technology, we are convinced it is the right solution for the market. We are very excited to be selected as TWEN’s partner to market and support in the US and look forward to their continued technology advancements.’

Julia Pedreira, managing director at Twen, added, ‘Twen and APR share a common goal in providing the most innovative and cost-effective solutions that enable our customers to solve their most critical issues and add value. We are looking forward to further exploring our partnership, and we’re so optimistic about the impact it will have on the daily operations of our current and future clients.’

The company claims the two biggest challenges today´s flexo businesses face are the lack of qualified operators and a growing number of printing variables.