UPM Raflatac has received recognitions from RecyClass for multiple label products with different adhesive technologies.

The granted recognitions expand the company’s portfolio of RecyClass recognised PE (polyethylene) label materials and extends the portfolio to include PP (polypropylene) label materials. Both the PE and PP materials are known to be recycling compatible with coloured HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and PP packages. This means that the labels can be recycled either in PP or HDPE coloured recycling streams.

Katja Kivelä, business director at UPM Raflatac, said, ‘We are working towards a more sustainable and circular future. One big part of this is making consumer plastic packaging recyclable. We are proud that we are the first self-adhesive label company to provide RecyClass approved recycling compatible labeling solutions for PP packaging. According to extensive, independent testing done by Plastics Forming Enterprises (PFE), our unprinted labels have had limited impact on the recycling quality on both PP and HDPE colored recycling streams.’

According to the company, the traditional drivers of plastic packaging design have been functionality and brand appearance, while the end-of-life management of the packaging has been disregarded.