Mondi and Essity launch packaging for feminine care range made from post-consumer recycled and biomass balanced materials.

The project was to create a new secondary package using recycled content to reduce use of fossil-based materials. The company’s feminine care towels were previously packed in bags that already used 50% renewable materials.

Research and testing by Mondi however, resulted in the recommendation of a new product that aligns with Essity’s packaging goals: to work towards 100% recyclability and to use up to 85% biomass, renewable or recycled material in all bags where up to 25% are recycled plastics.

The packaging contains extruded film that is printed using flexo and converted into a bag. The package prevents moisture and light damaging the feminine care range and has strong sealing properties.

Marjo Kuisma, regional sales consumer flexibles at Mondi, said, ‘The challenge was to find the best combination of renewable and recycled content that maintains product quality and the production efficiency already enjoyed by Essity.’

Guosheng Zhang, global technical innovation manager, says, ‘We are excited to launch the new feminine care packaging that has a reduced carbon footprint and will contribute to our sustainable innovations.’