XSYS has confirmed that it is implementing a temporary global surcharge of 6% for nyloflex and 4% for nyloprint products.

The surcharge, which will apply to all orders with a shipment date on or after 15 April, is being introduced to help the company recoup at least a portion of utility, raw material, transportation and packaging costs.

The business explained that global events have put immense pressure on supply chains in recent months, resulting in shortages and skyrocketing prices, particularly for raw materials and utilities. 

The company’s global commercial vice president Friedrich von Rechteren explained, ‘We can absorb some initial inflationary developments by smart hedging, long-term contracts with our suppliers, and continuous operational improvements. It is no secret that supply chains are under pressure, driving the market in the direction of relying on spot rates in order to secure supply.’

He concluded, ‘We understand that this price increase is adding pressure to the business of our customers during these difficult circumstances, and it has not been an easy choice for us to make. However, to ensure consistent and reliable supply to our customers, we see no other way than passing on some of these costs.’