The EcoString breadbag has been developed by Shur Flexibles, taking the concept of the EcoString bag for cosmetics as a resource-saving alternative to conventional breadbags.

Instead of the standard clip closure, the EcoString breadbag is closed by means of a drawstring – a concept that has long been used in packaging for cotton wool pads. Schur Flexibles uses an edge trim of the bag for the drawstring, so that the entire package consists of the same, fully recyclable mono PP or PE film.

‘For the drawstring we use production waste as a functional part of the package,’ explained Michael Martin, head of R&D food and Schur Flexibles PackScience Center. ‘Elimination of the metal or plastic clip saves resources and simplifies our customers’ logistics processes.’ This innovative bread package also has benefits for the consumer – handling and disposal are more user friendly than ever.

‘Our goal was to develop a bread package with an intelligent combination of sustainability and convenience that also works on existing packaging lines,’ Mr Martin added. Conversion to the EcoString breadbag requires an adaptation to a standard drawstring bag machine at the sealing station. The positive effects on sustainability and handling, however, make the investment absolutely worthwhile.

‘This innovative, fully recyclable bread package is a further step toward a future-oriented circular economy for packaging,’ said Mr Martin.

Full printability of the bag and drawstring makes the new EcoString breadbag an eye-catcher at the POS as well.