, the brand new website from Whitmar Publications, is live now! The new site joins existing brands Digital Printer, FlexoTech and Digital Labels and Packaging as part of Whitmar’s efforts to provide focused insight across the print industry.

Digital Textile Printer will be dedicated to every aspect of the digitally printed textiles market, including different printing technologies, every sort of application you can think of (and some that you won’t have), finishing equipment, fabrics, sustainability and more. Whether you are already involved in textile printing and are curious about digital, or a commercial printer keen to learn more about textiles, is the place for you.

Why are we covering textiles? In short because it’s a massive marketplace, ripe for digital disruption and one which presents countless opportunities for ambitious printers. It’s difficult to say just how large the textiles industry is, though it is unquestionably valued in the hundreds of billions of dollars and growing. Excitingly for printers, between 5 and 10% of all the textiles across the globe are now digitally printed and this percentage, like the wider market, is growing fast.

Across the realms of fashion and décor consumers are demanding shorter runs, personalisation, sustainable production and they want their products available at the click of a button. Digital printing is the perfect technology to help make all this possible and, as a result, direct-to-garment, dye sublimation, direct-to-film and other digital printing methods are flourishing. 

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