UK-based flexographic pre-press provider Reproflex3 has made a partnership with ARC International in the United States to deliver its Vortex print technology to the Americas.

ARC International is a supplier of anilox rollers and services in the flexographic printing industry with manufacturing sites in Charlotte, NC and Las Vegas, NV.

The partnership is aimed at the growing demand for high-quality corrugated packaging graphics across all FLUTE lines and print across the territory.

Reproflex3’s Vortex technology is a screening technology for corrugated printers, whether it is brown box or multi-colour high graphics. According to the company it allows post print graphics to be produced at higher screen levels with superior solid coverage. Designs that would normally be printed using a pre-print or digital process, can now to be more cost effective and printed directly on a corrugated flexo folder gluer. Vortex technology will also allow brown box printers to achieve better ink coverage on their boxes due to how the ink is transferred from the plate surface.

ARC International, a leading anilox roller manufacturer for the corrugated industry in North America, has recently invested in new laser technologies that will integrate a new Fibertronic engraving process, allowing ARC anilox rollers to complement the Vortex process by producing the highest tolerances, roller-to-roller. ARC International is the exclusive anilox supplier chosen by Reproflex3. The ARC team will be enabling integration of Vortex technology as well as performing audit analyses to tune in anilox specs for Vortex.

The new alliance will be supported by Canada-based DTM Flexo Services through its extensive knowledge of the industry working with ALL the partners and customers to bring added value to the process.

Pacificolor, a leading supplier of pre-press services in both the US flexo and offset print industries is also supporting the partnership.

Andrew Hewitson, Reproflex3 co-founder, said, ‘We are delighted to be teaming up with ARC International and DTM Flexo Services to drive Vortex in the US corrugated market. This alliance creates great synergies with our established delivery partner Pacificolor which is committed to working with us to expand the technology’s reach and support our plate delivery and fulfilment needs.’

Micheal Foran, president, CEO and Founder of ARC International, said, ‘When we were first introduced to Reproflex3, we immediately recognised the benefits that the Vortex technology could offer to the North American corrugated market.  We’re excited to bring this European FTA award-winning technology to the table for both the integrated and independent box makers throughout North America.’ 

Dave McBeth, president of DTM Flexo, added, ‘Combining these four fantastic companies and their technologies will bring corrugated print to a much higher standard here in North America. The Vortex technology combined with high tolerance anilox technology will allow printers to now take jobs that would normally be printed pre-print and have them printed directly onto a box.’

Reproflex3, ARC International, DTM and Pacificolor will officially launch Vortex at the hugely anticipated SuperCorrExpo, which takes place August 8-12, 2021, in Orlando, Florida.