Baumer has designed the FFG go for customers requiring entry-level access to glue application for flexo folder gluers.

The FFG go can operate 2-bead application heads based on DLK go technology for simple applications, or a 3-bead configuration based on P-500 technology for more demanding tasks. These multi-application heads can be flexibly adapted to customer requirements.

‘With the Xact FFG go, machine operators can limit setup to the most essential settings, but they don’t necessarily have to, because the new controller gives them the option of entering any additional settings required for a production order in subsequent menu levels. When it comes to programming glue patterns and parameters, the Xact FFG go basically offers all the functions of our higher-end Xtend range,’ said Andreas Schneiders, corrugated business development manager at Baumer hhs.

The heart of the system is the Xact FFG go controller. Its range of functions is geared entirely to the gluing process—giving customers the option of applying dots or lines. All they have to enter on the touchscreen is the top flap dimensions and the flap length. The Xact FFG go also supports gluing on angled or slotted flaps.

With its Glue Save mode, the FFG go further ensures high-level sustainability and cost efficiency. This function converts the system from continuous to intermittent gluing, which can reduce adhesive consumption by up to 50%, without at all compromising the adhesive strength of the glued areas. Low pressure and contact gluing systems cannot incorporate a function of this kind. In other words, the Glue Save mode gives Baumer hhs customers a major advantage over their competitors.