Los Angeles, California, based-Western Shield Label Company has installed a Nilpeter FA-17 for long-run prime, pressure sensitive labels, and specialty labels with in-line cold foil embellishment.

‘This is our second Nilpeter press. We previously bought an FB-Line and were very pleased with the performance. The experience with the FB-Line and the Nilpeter team was a key factor in our ultimate decision to purchase the FA-17,’ said Dan Stadler, director of marketing, Western Shield Label Company.

‘We have been working with Nilpeter on and off for many years. As far as purchasing an actual press, we initiated the discussions on the FB-Line in 2016. We had acquired a large new account that required us to substantially increase our capacity. We were pleased with the speed and registration of the FB-Line, and wanted to improve set-up times, and reduce waste. The FB-Line, which we use for long-run jobs particularly focused on the beverage segment, was and has been an excellent fit for us all around,’ said Mike Ornelas, director of procurement, Western Shield Label Company.

‘The new FA-17 was installed in the spring of 2020. The logic behind the purchase was quite simply, that the FA-Line has advanced technology that allows us to run faster and reduce waste. The additional width, this being our first 17’’ press in the Los Angeles facility, was a factor as well. Lastly, we are using the FA-Line’s capabilities as a means to enter the flexible packaging space,’ Dan Stadler added.

‘Nilpeter partnered with us first by understanding our business model, and then assisting us in making the best decisions on the equipment, that most clearly fits our needs. More specifically, Nilpeter took the time, upfront, to understand our current state, and proposed future state, and then helped us fill the gaps equipment-wise,’ said Nizar Elias, CEO, Western Shield Label Company.

‘We are looking to continue building capacity and capabilities across our 5 locations. Through our recent new locations, we inherited additional Nilpeter equipment, and we certainly see a path for additional purchases,’ Mr Stadler concluded.

‘Western Shield’s commitment to producing a high quality product in a timely, competitive, and efficient manner makes their choice of the Nilpeter FA-Line a natural fit. Nilpeter knows, that in today’s business environment, choosing the right printing partner has never been more important. We at Nilpeter appreciate the trust Western Shield has put in us,’ John Crammer, sales consultant, Nilpeter USA, added.