Italian company Convert Service has been made an official partner by Comexi to offer its services to customers in in Italy and the Balkans.

In the past two years, Comexi, has tripled sales in Italy and the Balkans strengthening its presence in the area by offering local technical service. The company has reached an agreement with Convert Service which currently allows the Italian company, with over 35 years of experience in the packaging and converting industry, to be in charge of performing various services which Comexi customers require in this area.

‘This is a strategic decision for Comexi, as our objective is to grow in the market and offer our local services to clients, which is very important to us. Due to the situation generated by the COVID-19, currently it is imperative to have a regional alliance in the territory who can offer technical services and assemble machines’, explained Alessandro D’Agostino, Comexi area manager in Italy and the Balkan countries.

‘With this agreement, Comexi can respond to the needs of the market. At Comexi we want to maintain the excellence and efficiency of our ability to provide a global and fast service while speaking the same language as our clients. Collaborating with Convert Service allows us to do this in the areas of Italy and the Balkan countries with local technicians who are located in different parts of the transalpine country’, said Mr D’Agostino.

Convert Service, which is located in Premariacco, Udine, primarily operates in the converting and packaging sector. With a staff of experienced technicians, the company offers maintenance services and performs on-site assistance, both in Italy and abroad. Convert Service has eight local technicians, spread throughout the region, to provide local services. ‘The agreement with Comexi is exciting for us. It gives us the opportunity to continue working with a company recognized worldwide for its commitment and building the highest quality machinery’, said Vittorio Aguzzoli, owner of Convert Service.