Printer of paper packages, OptiPack, has received Sweden’s first EGP certificate awarded by Marvaco as recognition for implementing a modern and high-quality flexo printing process.

The company owners were convinced of the efficiency of process colour printing in 2018, and decided to invest in a Soma Optima2 flexo. In collaboration with its pre-press partner, Marvaco, and ink supplier, Siegwerk, OptiPack has implemented EGP technology during the past 18 months.

Ulrik Fauhlér, managing director of OptiPack, said, ‘With EGP we have been able to streamline production and can compete against low cost printers in other countries by being much more efficient and leaner. With the EGP process, it’s possible to print four designs side-by-side, and avoid three extra set-ups with cleaning, waste and down time on the machine. This has reduced down time by 27% on the designs that are produced with EGP versus traditional CMYK + PMS. It means that each printing machine can produce more square meters with the same staff.

‘Moreover, the contact proofs are matching the print result so well that customers have been able to avoid on-site press acceptance, which has been especially beneficial during the Covid-19 quarantine. With the EGP process, print production becomes more flexible and efficient, when the time required to switch jobs is minimised. It also enables faster client deliveries—as needed in these times.’