Slovenia-based Makoter has purchased a Comexi S1 DS slitter with laser technology to introduce new products into the market, as well as increase its competitiveness.

‘In regard to perforation, the quality and precise position, the possibility to define the strength of opening, and the ability to choose the model based on the needs of our customers, are the main primary arguments that have influenced us to purchase the Comexi S1 DS with laser technology,’ explained Saša Makoter, owner of Makoter, which specialises in the production of polyethylene foils and bags. He continued, ‘this allows us to be more competitive and gives us the possibility of creating products with higher added value, in turn increasing our capacity. Moreover, we will be able to introduce new products to the market without changing the equipment of our customers.’

The Comexi slitter is used to produce flexible packaging for hygienic applications such as toilet paper rolls, tissue towels, napkins, and handkerchiefs, among others.

The integration of a laser-in-line processing system allows for customisation, differentiation, and at the same time, the performance of a wide gamut of applications and finishing processes, which includes; micro perforations, macro perforations, design windows, pre-cut adhesive labels, alpha numeric codes and bar codes, security systems, and easy open applications.