Aztec Label has installed AccuStrike anvils for each of the three Nilpeter FB presses at its production facility in Kidderminster. This was as part of an ongoing programme of investment in production efficiency.

The new anvils, RotoMetrics’ answer to die wear and the problems posed by some of today’s tricky filmic substrates, will offer a high degree of die adjustability to the press operators. A simple drop-in installation, the new anvils require no modification to the existing die tool inventory, but by allowing movement of the bearers, either independently or together, the accuracy of die strike across the full web can be maintained. This prolongs die life and reduces cycle times with the resulting lower replacement cost.

‘The depth of knowledge at Rotometrics is second to none,’ Aztec founder Colin Le Gresley commented. ‘They even rebuilt a gear-train on a print cylinder for us a few years back, and we now send all of our operators on their training courses, so they understand the science behind the technology, and learn good tool management skills.’