The new BOPP-based HR films have been engineered to work as a printing layer replacing BOPET film


Speciality films manufacturer, Cosmo Films, has released a new range of BOPP-based heat resistant (HR) films.

The company produces films for flexible packaging, lamination and labelling applications as well as synthetic paper. The new HR films have been engineered to work as a printing layer replacing BOPET film in multi-layer laminates for various packaging applications in both food and non-food segments.

They are clear, non-heat sealable and are treated on both sides for excellent printability especially for reverse printing. The thermally stable films also work well on high-speed FFS packaging machines. Available in 15, 18 and 20 microns, they are suitable for both adhesive as well as extrusion lamination.

The company has also launched a barrier version of the film with excellent oxygen barrier properties and good grease resistance, handy for oily snack food packaging – a big application area of this film.

Pankaj Poddar, CEO, said, ‘Homogeneous structures are becoming increasingly preferable as recyclability of multilayer packaging becomes the need of the hour. Polypropylene structures or even Polypropylene plus Polyethylene structures are better placed from a recyclability perspective because they belong to the same polymer family. We have more than 100 years of collective OPP experience, so stand in an advantageous position to develop specialised polypropylene films aimed at a sustainable future.’