At Labelexpo Americas, AB Graphic International introduced a new inline coating machine for inline coating on the HP Indigo 20000 digital press. The new machine could be seen running live on the HP booth in Chicago.

Supporting both water-based or UV coating, the 760mm-wide ILC760 offers top coating and slitting-rewinding. It is suitable for production of unsupported film applications such as sleeves, in-mould labels, wrap-around labels and various flexible packaging applications.

‘The demand for digitally printed packaging is growing well beyond the pressure-sensitive label market into areas such as sleeves, IML and flexible packaging,’ said sales director Tony Bell. ‘ABG is pleased to continue collaborating with HP Indigo to redefine the boundaries of digital production by offering cost-effective innovations for simplified and efficient production.’

‘ABG has a long-standing strategic relationship with HP Indigo, and with this inline solution we are excited once again to bring a novel solution addressing the needs of the packaging industry,’ said Yogev Barak, HP Indigo director of product development.