There has been a lot of conjecture about the next drupa exhibition following the announcement yesterday that Manuel Mataré, director of drupa and digi:media will gradually be withdrawing from operational management as of the start of next year. His place will be taken by Sabine Geldermann, who has previously served as a project director in charge of the European trade fair for advertising materials (PSI) as well as the International Franchise Fair at Blenheim International (Germany).

Whilst competitive magazines have been quick to jump to the conclusion that big changes will take place at the exhibition, including a move to running it every three years. FlexoTech has been directly in touch with drupa, and at this time we can report that no such decision has been made and any such rumours are, according to drupa, merely ‘speculation’.

There will however be a meeting of the drupa committee at the beginning of November, at which time any decisions of this sort will be made.

We will bring you up to date news on this as it breaks.