This year the sixth UV days of IST Metz will focus on multi-functionality and sense perception of UV technology, taking place in June 17-20. 

The company’s message at the biannual event will be printing has a future. This will take place at the its headquarters in Nürtingen near Stuttgart. 

One highlight will be a multifunctional folded box manufactured by UV sheet-fed offset printing that offers coatings and  embossing. During the curing of inks and varnishes, the company’s UV systems are used as interdeck and end-of-press dryers. This means filigree coating effects can be obtained on the folded box. 

‘At the UV days we will of course show all the possibilities our UV curing systems offer. But we do also think outside the box and will present opportunities beside printing and finishing that will make print products stand out in the future,’ said Dirk Jägers, managing director. 

The folded box will be printed live on the companys on-site printing press and there will be further printing demonstrations of 3D varnishing in UV inkjet, digital label printing and LED UV technology on a flexographic printing press. 

Keeping with the theme, recent examples of printed electronics and  the combination of print products with digital media will be at an exhibition of companies from the printing industry.

‘We are providing approximately 600 expected trade visitors, who are coming from all over the world, with superb opportunities to experience great products and learn about new processes, not to mention explore new business fields and thus increase the value of services provided to their customers,’ said Mr Jägers.