The Foster On-a-Roll Lifter Spinner

Foster, supplier of post press equipment, has launched the Foster On-a-Roll Lifter Spinner, the latest in its line of material handling equipment.  

The unit is designed specifically for use by converters, package printers, and label manufacturers, the lifter enables a single operator to safely and easily load rolls.  The two roller shafts allow the operator to spin the roll into the proper position for a production run.  For roll unloading, the roll is spun in the opposite direction to break the friction lock.

CEO Ted Borowsky said, ‘Media rolls are bigger and heavier as mills and converters seek to make their production workflow more efficient.  These larger rolls are heavy and unwieldy for operators and warehouse personnel to handle.  Our new Foster On-a-Roll Lifter Spinner can accommodate rolls as wide as 1500 mm, with diameters as great as 610 mm.  With it, a single operator can safely manipulate media rolls in shops with limited floor space and can quickly and single-handedly position fresh rolls for quick and easy mounting and unloading.’