The Doneck Network has developed a new series of water-based inks, used in combination with an overprint varnish, the Euro-Contact series which are suitable for direct contact with food.

According to the company theis new ink series opens up new dimensions for the food packaging industrial sector.

The company’s laboratory teams have carried out painstaking development work and have created an ink series that has been tested and certified by the ISEGA. These inks are used for the printing of cardboard; they can be used for post-printing on coated, uncoated and smoothed papers, and for pre-printing on uncoated papers. For example, fruit and vegetable trays, pizza cartons and cake mats may be printed with this printing ink series.

‘We have invested extensive development efforts and considerable testing costs in these product innovations in order to enable us to guarantee high product and consumer safety. I think that this effort has been very worthwhile for the consumer,’ said Edgar Becker, managing director of sales.

The ink is suitable for printing on paper and is characterised by good printability,adhesion and resistance on PE/PP.