(L-R) Arnold Jendrusz, plate production manager; Rafal Krutof, software engineer; and Peter Stawinski, head of R&D department


Aniken Graphics, a joint venture between Hamillroad Software and Apex International, announces Chespa as the Phase One Trade Shop for Bellissima Digitally Modulated Screening (DMS) in Austria and Poland.

Chespa offers a wide range of goods and services including printing inks, photopolymer plates, flat and rotary dies and the prepress preparation and processing of graphic repro.

Working optimally at 4000dpi, the Bellissima includes features such as 100% solid surface patterning options and solid object protection. It improves the efficiency of the press room, and utilises existing printing press equipment.
Nick Harvey, managing director of Aniken Graphics International said, ‘We have chosen our partners for Phase One based on their proven track records and commitment to providing their customers, brands and printers with the best flexo technologies. Phase One sales involve the use of Apex GTT aniloxes, and MacDermid or DuPont plates as this proven technology solution works ‘out of the box’ and maximises everyone’s success when used.’