Flexo Wash’s international sales manager, Mette Laursen, with Christian Gross and Thorsten Fuest of Model


The Model Group recently installed a Flexo Wash Anilox Roll Cleaner at its plant in Berka/Werra, Germany. 

The company is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of solid and corrugated board packaging, developing products from simple transport packaging to deluxe boxes for the confectionery and perfume industries. The Anilox Cleaner was the 200th to be sold by the Danish manufacturer, with the aid of its German sales and service partner, Dortschy. 

Operations manager at the Berka plant, Joachim Schmidt commented, ‘Without clean anilox rolls, we cannot deliver the high print quality that our customers expect from us. The new Flexo Wash Anilox cleaning system ensures our rollers have a consistent transfer volume, so that we do not have to adjust the ink recipes, so we have less machine downtime caused by the need to colour correct.’

‘Since we print both short and long runs, a variety of aniloxes needs to be cleaned. With the FW 3000, we can deep-clean the anilox rolls and anilox sleeves from our two Bobst presses in only 20-45 minutes, depending on the degree of soiling,’ added Christian Gross, deputy process manager of pre-print.