Aimed at developers and system integrators, Mako is a multi-platform technology


A new software development kit for preparing documents for print, Mako, is available from Global Graphics Software, the developers of the Harlequin RIP and ScreenPro.

Mako is a multi-platform technology for prepress, document conversion and manipulation. Aimed at developers and system integrators it can be used upstream of the Harlequin RIP to prepare documents for printing or can be used on its own to create custom print workflow components, such as imposing pages or combining documents into one job. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, Android and Windows 10 IoT, meaning that documents destined for print can be processed and previewed on any device.

David Stevenson, product manager, commented, ‘Mako is a versatile SDK that developers can use to interrogate, modify or visualise documents, primarily in PDF but other page description languages such as XPS are also supported. Mako can be used to build custom print workflow components to preflight – interrogating font or colour information, for example – or to create active components that change or create new content, by imposing or combining existing documents. Mako can also be used to visualise documents on screen, in a web browser or on different devices such as tablets or smart phones.’