doctor blades


Inside the chamber

6 October 2020

For colour consistency and job repeatability, delivering and metering ink to the anilox roller needs to be done correctly.

Doctor blade deal for Apex

29 May 2019

Apex North America has formed an exclusive partnership with Agergaard Graphic Supplies for doctor blades and end seals. 

Closing the loop

12 October 2018

Automatically regulating the flow of ink or coating is essential for achieving quality consistently, minimising material waste and makeready times, and boosting output.

A small but vital component

28 March 2017

Delpro’s doctor blade chambers   While the function of the doctor blade may seem insignificant, it is not advisable to try to save costs by…

Blades of Glory

19 September 2016

Antony Whiteside from Absolute Engineering with a shipment of the company’s 2G chambers for Dutch customer Fardem Packaging BV Doctor blades were used in other…

Metering the ink: doctor blades

14 August 2015

Common problems caused by lower quality or incorrect type of doctor blades include scoring of the anilox roller and UV ink spitting. Using a fit-for-purpose…

New addition to PrimeBlade sales team

15 December 2014

Ronny Eriksson who will be joining the company from 5 January PrimeBlade has made an addition to its sales team, with the arrival of Ronny…

Tresu system halves setup time

12 December 2014

Danish polyethylene packaging supplier, Trioplast Nyborg, has halved setup times to two hours with Tresu Ancillary’s FlexiPrint chambered doctor blade and F10iCon ink supply system.…

Is there a doctor in the house?

21 November 2014

This is the result of not maintaining the doctor blades (courtesy of Allison Systems) Serious problems with print quality can arise from poor maintenance of…

Ink metering: doctor blades and chambers

19 December 2013

Doctor blade chamber from Absolute Engineering The precise metering of the ink that is transferred from the anilox roller to the plate is controlled by the…

New distributor for TruPoint Orange

5 November 2013

Flexo Concepts has signed an agreement naming Acus Srl its exclusive TruPoint Orange distributor in Italy, making it the first agent to sell the doctor…

Flexo Concepts reaches silver anniversary

23 July 2013

This year marks 25 years in business for doctor blade manufacturer, Flexo Concepts, since introducing its first TruPoint blade to the printing industry in 1988. …