Here we are, the last FlexoTech of 2021.

It has been a better year I’m sure we can all agree, with chances and opportunities to met face-to-face and experience our industry away from the confines of a laptop screen. Although it seems we are not yet away from the challenges of coronavirus, it is hoped we now have a better understanding of how to protect the most vulnerable, while keeping some freedoms available.

As a new year begins, you may be thinking of a New Year’s resolution to make a conscious change in the way you live your life. I believe this industry should resolve itself to being more open in 2022. Be more open to opportunities to talk to fellow flexo professionals, and open your doors to the media. While I understand it is imperative that a company protects its business secrets and insider knowledge, there is no need for the level of paranoia being displayed in some corners of our industry. When we share our experiences, the whole community benefits, especially when done through the channels of a trusted media partner (hint, hint!)

There are some who are already good at this, and use it to their advantage, and to the rest of you I say, why let them have all the fun?

In this issue we look at foiling and embossing techniques, go myth busting in the UV-LED ink world, keep up with the latest intelligent software packages and sound out the smaller parts that make the flexo wheel go round.

Enjoy the issue, have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. As always, enjoy the issue.

This opinion article was first published in the December 2021 issue of FlexoTech, which you can read online here; register here to receive the magazine, for free