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MEWA Textile Management

Experts in cleaning wipes for printers

MEWA’s rentable reusable industrial wipe service is a superior alternative to rags and paper wipes.

Renting instead of buying, sharing instead of owning – for over a century, MEWA has been supplying printing companies across Europe with industrial cleaning wipes.


Super absorbent

Our wipes are exceptionally absorbent, low lint and exceedingly robust.  They make light work of ink spills and cleaning machinery for optimal productivity and performance.


Environmentally friendly

The sustainable reusable principle takes the burden off you, saves resources and cares for the environment. Making the change to MEWA considerably reduces your carbon footprint. 

Better compliance

Few industries are more closely monitored when it comes to hazardous waste. Cutting corners with the disposal of chemicals and the cleaning cloths used to mop them up could have a disastrous effect on your reputation and cost you dearly in fines. 

With MEWA you have peace of mind that your contaminated wipes are stored safely in a fire-resisting closed container and will be cleaned safely in line with legal requirements. 


Save money and time

  • Save up to 30% on cleaning times
  • No wasted time re-ordering supplies, checking stock, storing and laundering
  • Never run out of stock
  • No capital outlay or hidden costs
  • Eliminate disposal costs of cloths contaminated with hazardous waste and avoid potential fines





Become a greener and safer business

  • A sustainable alternative to single use wipes
  • Cloths are washed and re-used up to 50 times
  • Eco-friendly production and washing processes make us a green partner – and we’re ISO 14001 certified
  • Safe storage and cleaning of soiled and hazardous wipes – peace of mind you are complying with legal requirements


How our service works 

  • Simply choose your cloth and number of users with our handy cloth analyser
  • We then deliver cloths in our SaCon Safety Container – meaning cloths are stored safely and compliant with hazardous waste regulations
  • When you’ve finished with a cloth, drop it in the second SaCon container we supply
  • When it’s full, we’ll pick it up and simultaneously deliver you a new supply of clean cloths
  • We then wash the used cloths in an environmentally-friendly way ready for your next delivery 


About MEWA 

2.8 million employees use MEWA industrial wipes to clean machines and systems every day.

We’ve been renting reusable wipes since 1908 and have around 190,000 customers in 21 countries. 

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